It's the weekend. Have a drink.

We're going all autumnal this week - I feel that I should stray from the feminine pink cocktails when we're all dressed in wool and tweed and the wind is howling outside.

So how about a Dark and Stormy, ginger beer, rum, a squeeze of lime and ice? If you want to get all fancy, try rimming the glass with damara sugar, or getting creative with some candied ginger.


I don't usually go for rum - I usually feel it's reserved for pirates and sea dogs, but the gingery bubbles hitting deep, dark, sugary rum is pretty special.

I'm a huge fan of Fever Tree sodas, they've pretty much ruined drinking out now because I end up wishing I'd brought my own tonic. So their ginger beer should be a good bet for this, if you can find it. Otherwise use something dark and aromatic and spicy, and for god's sakes no ginger ale - it's an entirely different taste.

Now if you'll excuse me, while researching this I stumbled upon a recipe for Dark and Stormy cupcakes, and need to go give them my full attention.

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  1. ooh I love a Dark & Stormy! The cupcakes sound very interesting,..let me know how they go.