Friday Frock

I have to ask you to bear with me on today's Friday Frock. At first glance I admit, it's not much. It looks like someone used a glue gun to paste a sweater to a nightie. Which is maybe exactly what they did. And that black tie on the back makes me extremely uncomfortable. It would have to go.

BUT. But! When it's actually on, I think it's lovely - I'm a huge fan of combining feminine and masculine fabrics - lacey lingerie peeking out of a wool cardigan, etc, and when it's actually on the figure it hangs very prettily and would layer beautifully. Over skinny jeans, or knit thigh highs, with motorcycle boots or suede flats, I like the idea of leather thrown into this mix.

Have I lost it? What do you think?

1 comment:

  1. I love this, such a cute little dress which so easily can be given an attitude and mood. Brilliant pick!