Aurelia Skincare Miracle Cleanser

I'm going to be blunt - people can be incredibly dim about cleansing their skin. I've lost count of the times I've spotted a cheap, harsh, foaming bottle from the drugstore on the same counter as a $100 face cream and designer makeup, and it flies in the face of logic - stripping skin before slapping on expensive treatments to counteract all that damage. Madness! Oil is what breaks down oil, deep cleaning into pores without breaking the fragile lipid barrier - so stop using detergents on your face. Please.
So, as you might imagine, a good, creamy cleanser is always the first item I recommend to people looking to revamp their routine or improve problem compexions. I feel very strongly about it. I'm even forced into using exclamation marks. When skin is primed properly, and gently, you can toss expensive treatments, use less moisturizer and keep skin so much happier and healthier. And the act of cleasing itself - massaging a creamy dollop into your tired, dirty visage, then gently wiping off with a steamy hot cloth - really is sublimely therapeutic, to skin and senses. Basically, once you go hot cloth cleansing, you don't go back. 

The newest, brightest star on the creamy cleanser front, one that had me hooked at first use, is the aptly named Miracle Cleanser from Aurelia Probiotic Skincare, a small UK-based brand with the purest of ingredients and ethics. The cool, creamy concoction breaks down makeup and oils expertly with coconut derived cleansing agents, fatty acids, cocoa and shea butters, while soothing and nourishing the skin with botanical extracts like kigelia and baobab and their flagship probiotic proteins. But it's the blend of eucalyptus, rosemary and chamomile essential oils that's elevated this into cult classic status in the beauty world already. The gorgeous, invigorating scent is like a creamy, couture Noxzema - waking up senses in the morning and wiping away the stress of the day at night. Fair warning - it's additive. 

Since adding this to my routine, I find I'm looking for any excuse to wash my face. I've started humming chipper tunes in the bathroom while I cleanse. Yesterday I woke up at an ungodly early hour and went jogging. I'd be horrified if my skin didn't look so gorgeous. And it really is gorgeous. Obviously I take care of it, and it's ever really that bad to begin with, but there's a more even-toned glow, a clean, soft, smooth feel that the
Miracle Cleanser has most definitely imparted. I've stopped using any serums, treatments, exfoliants - just this and my usual moisturizer, and the results are, well, miraculous. Unfortunately I've used my jar up much too quickly - it's easy to ration, but I like to slather on several finger-fulls and really go to town with the whole facial massage routine, meaning that stores are getting ominously low. Will I'll return to my sloveny, lazy self without my Miracle Cleanser fix? I don't intend to find out, as I'll be re-ordering. Ad infinitum.

Miracle Cleanser is $53 for a 4 oz jar, not at all pricey for a luxury cream or balm cleanser, as it lasts for ages, but an investment for those of you used to skimping on cleansers (fools). Aurelia is one of those brands I'm so happy to see do well, and that I can stomach paying a solid price for. They're passionate, as they well should be, about products they've formulated with incredible detail, love and care. I love the little touches you get with a small, beautifully-run line like this - the gorgeous, hand-wrapped packages, the luxurious, heavy glass jars and bottles, ingredients of a quality that organic doesn't begin to cover. So go and buy this immediately - it gets The Blossom Shed seal of approval and then some. Now I'm off to wash my face. Again.

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare is available at
Net a Porter in the US, and from their website in the UK. Now be honest - are you guilty of crimes against cleansing, or do you keep things creamy? Let's discuss below...
*This product was a PR sample from the generous people at Aurelia Skincare. This in no way effects my opinions - if I don't like a product, I don't feature it!  


  1. Hey, thanks for your comment! I normally use cleansers that are gentle and without chemicals like one from the Greek brand Apivita. It's a very simple one but it does the work. I had never heard about the Aurelia brand, but since im more and more into probiotics this cleanser might be it!

    1. I'm always intrigued by Apvita, I've never tried anything by them, love the look of the ingredients, and I'm a sucker for anything that makes me think of Greece! This cleanser is just divine - I highly recommend it:)

  2. I want this cleanser so bad! I have used a couple of natural foaming cleansers before, but they are still a bit drying on my skin and threw my skin into a havoc. So, I just stick to creamy cleansers now the one that I have been using is Sodashi Clay cleanser, which is deeply purifying but still dense and smooth like a cream.

    I have been hunting for one without clay (can be overkill sometimes since I do routinely exfoliate and mask!) so this one is just perfect. I think I will enjoy the invigorating scent too.

    1. This sounds perfect then! Love clay too, but it's a bit much for every day. Let me know how you like this if you try it - it's one of the few out there that I think suits every skin type...

  3. Such a lovely review. I, too, am loving this cleanser and I have been enjoying my skincare routine so much since I started to use it. Have you tried any other Aurelia skincare products? xx


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  5. wonderful happy i stumbled across your blog!