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This was a rough week - frantic, tiring, and full of black clouds of gnats. Quite literally. So let's take a leisurely stroll 'round some lovely little things, and unwind for a quiet weekend. Don't forget to stop in at the comments and say hello! Tell us which literary hotel is your favorite. Do you take a good picture? Are you liberal or stingy with the SPF? More importantly, do you think if I bring a little appreciation card and a princess cake around to Florence Welch's house, she'll let me live there? Let's discuss below...

  • An extremely useful and frighteningly detailed guide on how to apply mascara correctly.Unfortunately, it doesn't cover the old poke-yourself-in-eye-with-wand step which I can't seem to skip.

  • Have a look around Florence Welch's gorgeous house. She is just the coolest, and so are her bookshelves.

  • The lovely Garance Dore shares seven ways you can look better in photos. None of them work for me, but maybe you'll have more luck.

  • Look at this fabulous list of literary hotels! I think I'll plan a little weekend at Thornfield Hall one of these days. Obviously doing a quick attic check first.

  • Diptyque has come out with a jonquille candle, and I must have it. I go crazy for jonquil. Jonquil are kind of like narcissus, right? Narcissi? Oh never mind.

  • The ever fabulous Beautymouth takes us through some idiot-proof SPF rules - timely, because the only time I ever burn is in the springtime. Thin air + strong sunlight = lobster shoulders and freckle moustaches.

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