Friday Frock

You're probably thinking this week's frock is pleasant but boring, aren't you? I did too. Until.......

BAM. I go crazy for anything with back cutouts. They're second only to pockets on my frock rating system. And suddenly everything about this dress is just gorgeous. The buttton sides. The cross-over layers. The pleated details. The intricate jaquard fabric with a bit of heft and weight to it. I'm in love. Doesn't it just shout "evening stroll through a sunbaked Italian hill town"? Sashaying down cobbled streets as the setting sun turns everything golden? Perhaps a pale green cone of pistachio gelato in one hand and a pair of vintage 1950s sunglasses dangling in the other?

Yes, I need this dress. You probably do too. And of course now you're craving gelato, so I'm sorry.


  1. Love the back of that dress, so so chic.

    1. Isn't it lovely? It just needs to warm up a bit so we can all start wearing these pretty spring frocks!