Gorgeous Getaway - Ceylon Tea Trails, Sri Lanka

Ceylon Tea Trails is a working tea estate which sits 4000 above sea level, amid the misty hills and emerald tea fields of central Sri Lanka. Guests are housed in one of the four impeccably restored colonial tea planter's bungalows, scattered from 5 to 15 km apart and linked by winding trails and paths through the verdant fields and hills, each tucked into its own private hillside and valley.

Each turn-of-the-century plantation cottage contains several beautiful guest rooms and suites, with colonial antiques, deep clawfoot tubs, wood panelled dining rooms and living areas straight out of a Somerset Maugham story. There's a fire in the library for chilly nights, tea is served on the veranda overlooking the misty mountain lake, and each bungalow's swimming pool is fed by the soft, sweet water of mountain springs.

Oh and each of the houses has its own butler. Allowing you to say, probably for the first and last time in your life, "We'll take tea in the summerhouse today". Surely you've always wanted to say that? I know I have. I adore tea, so this would be akin to a religious experience for me, and one of the places I'd like to visit most in the world.

Of course the one thing that could improve the whole experience would be if there were elephants peacefully mingling throughout. Perhaps the butler could arrange it?

What's your dream luxury destination? Is tea involved? I'd love to hear about it below.....

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