Becca Halcyon Days Palette

I had a fabulous and unexpected little suprise this month - I recently joined a the IFabbo organization for bloggers, and was entered in a drawing for a $100 Dermstore giftcard - which I won! I was probably disproportionately thrilled, I actually did a little dance, and spent far too much time choosing what I would spend it on. The sensible part of me kept saying "be reasonable - stock up on your skincare basics". But the impulsive side kept telling me to live a little and enjoy these halcyon days. So that's what I did.

I'd been lusting after Becca's Halcyon Days palette for almost a year - a gorgeous blend of three tawny, golden eyeshadows, a brilliant coral lip and cheek cream and a sheer gloss. I was eyeing it jealously after seeing the lovely Ruth at A Model Recommends do a beautiful sunset smokey eye look with it - she has similar coloring to me, and it looked so easy, effortless and glowing. So when Dermstore offered a free Becca Beach Tint with the purchase (which I adore), just I threw caution to the wind and pushed the purchase button.
Happily, I couldn't be more thrilled with it.

I almost never wear eyeshadow - I feel like I never can get the hang of making it look natural and flattering - these three shades are all I may ever need - they add a bit of beachy, summer glam without looking too made up. Muslin and Chamois are a pale ivory and soft brown, both in a velvety matte, and the particularly gorgeous Faille is a shimmering coppery apricot, really flattering to my pale but warm-toned (aka sallow) toned skin. The formulas are like silk - smooth, fine, and a dream to blend, and together they create a beautiful, soft eye with a hint of shimmer and depth.

The clear star of the palette is the lip and cheek cream in Bougainvillea - a bright, orangey coral, it looks a bit scary in the pan, but blends out dewy and gorgeous on skin - a dab on the apples of cheeks and a slick on lips looks so ridiculously pretty that I'm afraid I'll use it up immediately. I'm already looking at other shades of the formula in full sizes - it's my favorite cream blush so far, much creamier and more pigmented than anything else I've tried.

The last character in the charming little quintet is a lip gloss in the shade Mai Tai - which at first I thought was a bit of a disappointment - an almost clear gloss didn't seem like much of an addition. Well, it wouldn't be if it were a normal gloss, but of course this is Becca, so it's not. Not sticky or plastic-feeling, it doesn't sit on top of lips but hydrates and plumps them, leaving them looking healthy and luscious, and is the perfect pairing for the lip cream. Even the little double-ended brush that's included is beautiful quality - it's nicer than most of my full sizes.

I used to never buy palettes - it's rare to find the perfect blend of colors and formulas - but that may change now, especially if Becca keeps releasing beauties like this. The pretty little brown rectangle box is now among my travel neccessities - a bit of glossy mascara, a hint of brown liner, a sweep of bronzer, and that's my daily makeup sorted for the next six months.

If you haven't already ordered from Dermstore, go check out their selection - I tend to get most of my skincare basics there year after year. It meets all my requirements for a favorite store - free shipping (I HATE paying shipping!), great discounts and coupons (usually 15% or 20% - which is a huge help on a $100 face cream) and fabulous customer service. I had a coupon for $25 that had long since expired without me realizing it - I was hoping they could apply it to my order, but really didn't expect them to. Instead, they were wonderful about it, said they were happy to honor it, and I got my order two days later with a handwritten note. Take note online retailers - that's how you keep your customers happy:) Thank you Dermstore! And of course a big thank you to IFabbo too...

I'm going to have to start featuring some products I hate soon, just because it's getting bit boring with all these glowing reviews, isn't it? Until then, what's your favorite makeup buy ever - the item that you cherish and can't live without out? Since I made you listen to mine for ages, now it's your turn!


  1. These sound really amazing, I love the way you presented this.

  2. +1 on what Tereza said! I actually love this sunset eye palette, I religiously wear bronze/gold/brown hues during the day, they compliment my green eyes, so this is exactly what I'd buy. I find that most people aren't keen on the idea of wearing eyeshadow during the daytime in fear of feeling overly-caked in make-up. However, I disagree, like you mentioned, subtle colours like these give a healthy daytime glow and make your eyes pop.
    I enjoyed your writing style too!

    1. I have only just now figured out that I need to be wearing these colors on my eyes:) I have green eyes too, and I love greys so much that I usually stick to that - but coppers, apricots, etc are really much more flattering!

  3. I love Becca products! I need more in my life. There's a store nearby that sells Becca (I just looked it up), that could be dangerous. I need makeup that won't slide off my face whilst living in the sun belt. :)

    1. Oh dear, a Becca store close would be very dangerous for me - I just love everything - even their ad campaigns, the way it's really sheer and glowing skin with natural colors. I'm obsessed:)