Gorgeous Getaway - Bastide d'Esparon

I'm having one of those weeks where work just starts to pile up quicker and quicker until it all looks awfully unsurmountable, and I want to A) not get out of bed in the mornings, or B) pull an Agatha Christie-style getaway and disappear for a week or two, just vanish off the face of the earth and let everything get on without me for a bit.

I've been mostly choosing option A) lately, but if I were to finally just pack it all in and bolt, I'd make for a tiny mountain village deep in the Languedoc-Roussillon countryside, and rent this beautiful old stone house known as Bastide d'Esparon. Surrounded by national park, lush forest and dramatic gorges, it's a perfect spot the hide out from the world. A walk down the rocky pathways to the crystal clear river and bobbing about lazily in the cool water will be as much excitement as I'll allow. The rest of the time will be spent catching up on sleep in the particularly inviting looking daybed on the sunny terrace, or enjoying obscene amounts of local cheese at the beautifully rustic dining table.
If you could escape anywhere for a week of peace and quiet, where would you choose?


  1. Looks gorgeous! I'd escape to Tuscany, want to go back one day. I also love Boath House (especially the room with the double slipper baths!) x

    1. Oh alright, I suppose I would take Tuscany as well if pressed. And anywhere with double slipper baths is acceptable in my books:)