Friday Frock

I'm not going to lie to you. This week's Friday Frock may end up looking a bit puffy when on. It's possible - there are quite a few layers happening here, and one can only hope they all behave.

Though I don't care even if it is a touch too voluminous. Because when I see this dress, I picture sitting at a sidewalk cafe on the French Riviera, sipping limoncello under gaily colored umbrellas. I feel a Vespa ride may follow. We've switched to Italy now, but never mind, just go with it. It makes me think of yacht decks glistening on an azure harbor and pastel colored ice creams on the beach. You just need some cat's eye sunglasses - these, preferably - some leather sandals, and a bouncy ponytail. I can't be responsible for what happens next. It probably involves that Vespa and a yacht deck-hand named Marco, and possibly jewel thievery. It's that kind of dress.

Oh and it's on sale too.

(Good lord I just realized the sublime YSL sunglasses are on sale too. It's a sign. Buy them both and make for the Riviera. Let me know how it goes.)

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  1. Sharing the Love, i've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award :)