Friday Frock

Yes, I know this is just a very large, rather nicely draped sweatshirt, and therefore does not, as such, really constitute as a frock. I also know that most of us are snowed in at the moment and therefore going to be spending most of our weekend curled up on the sofa, wearing multiple pairs of socks and consuming vast quantities of hot beverages. If ever there was a frock for just such an occasion, this would be it. You could even throw on some leggings or skinny jeans and run to the store for vital supplies (ie vast quantities of fortifying chocolate) while looking reasonably chic. It beats standing at the checkout in your garden gnome printed pajama bottoms tucked into snowboots.

My only worries? First, that it will be so comfortable and cozy that I'll never take it off, and second, that I've spent too much time in L.A. and am beginning to think loungewear is sartorially acceptable...


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    1. I know, right? So cozy and soft. Though that back zipper makes a bit nervous, I feel like it would be cold on my back!