Kate Somerville Clinic To Go Resurfacing Peel Pads

These fantastic little fellows are one of our current obsessions here at the Blossom Shed. They're tidy, easy and effective - the perfect product to throw into your current routine for an extra bright, smooth complexion.

Each of the little Kate Somerville Clinic To Go pads are separately sealed - to use you just select one, slide it onto your fingers, and peel off the covering - the soft cotton pad smooths a potent but gentle blend of AHAs, Lactic Acid, Sage, Comfrey and Lavender onto the face, with plenty in each use for the neck and hands as well. Leave it on a few minutes, rinse, and follow up with a something rich and soothing.

The ingredients are a lovely blend that don't bother my sensitive skin at all - I can even use a bit closer to my eye area with no discomfort. There's a bit of stinging/tingling when you first apply, which means it's working, but afterwards skin is soft, bright and smooth as glass, with no dryness or irritation. I like to see a difference with a peel, and this one is immediate and rewarding. You can use once or twice a week, but make sure you wear a good sunscreen during the day - all peels, even mild, leave the skin more exposed to sun damage - don't be like me and wait until you have a smattering of new freckles before you put these things together.

I love how easy and travel friendly these are - you can throw a couple into your purse, gym tote or overnight bag when you're on the go, and they're a good value - peels and exfoliants tend to be pricey, and $48 for 16 (2-4 months worth) is not bad at all. If you've disliked the textures, feel or mess of other peels in the past, but want something that gives rewardingly instant results, these are for you - they should suit all skin types well, and are basically, brilliantly designed.

If this is Kate's clinic to go, I can only dream of the
bricks and mortar one. Apparently it has lovely wallpaper, and is full of Hollywood starlets. I prefer the former more than the latter, but I would be quite happy to put up with quite a lot for the sort of heavenly complexion promised.

Who likes the sound of these for their 2012 skin routine? Anyone have an exfoliant that they love and recommend instead? Lets hear about it!

(product kindly send for consideration by Kate Somerville Skincare)


  1. I love Kate Sommerville! I am a little worried about the lactic acid bothering my skin - but that's amazing that they are so travel-friendly!

  2. I have had problems w/ lactic acid in the past too - I usually prefer fruit acids - but these don't bother me at all, so they might work for you:)I think it's a good mixture of acids for most skin. What other Kate Somerville products do you like?