Baborganic by Babor

Despite a love for natural, European skincare, I've somehow managed to get to this point in my life without ever sampling the classic German beauty line
Babor - something that they were lovely enough to remedy last month when I received a box brimming with shimmery silver tissue and gorgeous products from their new line, Baborganic.

This selection uses only the purest "white" ingredients - organic plants and elements sustainably sourced from the high meadows of the Alps, free from contamination and untouched by pollutants. Alpine meadowfoam and edelweiss soothe and protect skin, while fossil water from the natural melt of the St Cervin glacier rejuvenates and moisturizes with trace minerals. There is also something called oxygen energy in the products, which is too scientific for me to really understand, but no doubt your skin will think it's a delightful addition.

All of this, combined with the stunning ad photos - ooh look what I found in a bit of melting glacier - a face cream! - had me pretty well sold before I'd opened the bottles. I'm a sucker for alpine imagery. But after using the shower gel and body lotion for the past month, I'm hooked on the pristine luxury, and will be stricken when I run out.

The Revitalizing body lotion smells like soft, clean, milky almond snow. What does snow smell like you ask? I don't know, but I wish it smelled like this. Creamy and clean, I'd have no complaints if every product I used was scented with this same fragrance. I tend to like lotions thick and rich, but while this is a lighter consistency, it's still very nicely hydrating, sinking in quickly and leaving sensitive skin smoothed and soothed.

The Wake Up shower gel sounds a bit bossy, which is what you need in the mornings, and it does have more zing to it than the lotion - similar notes, but more invigorating and bright with a hint of citrus. It makes me feel like this:

Even the packaging is beautiful, with stiffly embossed boxes and frosted, PEG- free plastics. Of course all this fancy talk doesn't come cheap - at $38 for the body lotion it's definitely leaning towards the luxury end of the spectrum, but it's quite a lovely treat for winter skin, and a gorgeous gift for someone special.

The one downside of this all is that I now find myself singing "Edelweiss" rather robustly in the shower every morning. If you don't mind that sort of side effect, you can find Baborganic on their website or at Skinstore.

Have you ever used Babor products? Do you like the sound of these? Let me know below!

Products kindly provided by Babor for review.
Photo via Pinterest.


  1. I've never used this brand, but it seems quite good. I prefer organic cosmetics when I can get hold of them, and this seems scientific enough :)

    1. It is very nice, and very natural! Following you now, thanks for commenting:)

  2. I've just switched my skincare to this brand and am pretty pleased with it so far :)