Gift Guide - Penhaligon's

Much as I would love to receive the beautiful goodies inside these Penhaligon's Gift Boxes, they're really just a bonus - I'd be quite happy with just the incredible cardboard houses straight out of Victorian London, with secret scenes on the back to give you a glimpse into each household. I'm dying to pull out my old Victorian dollhouse and its eccentric cast of Playmobil inhabitants and add stacks of these boxes to make a dark, foggy street plagued by a spate of Ripperesque murders. I even know who the first victim will be. Aunt Lucinda. She always looked like trouble.

For the more mentally mature among you, their perfume and products are gorgeous classics, and they make the most wonderful gifts. I adore Penhaligon's, and will be reviewing their lovely Jazz Age inspired scent, Juniper Sling, next week. I may go crazy and do a whole twenties themed weekend. Prepare yourselves.

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  1. Oh, I love Penhaligon fragrances! My husband bought us the little sampler for $20 on Amazon a year ago... I just love the scents and the bottles! I haven't smelled the Juniper Sling, can't wait for your review on it :) I would buy the fragrances just for the bottles too! xx