Lazy Links

I'm too lazy lounging in bed with my poodle to write, so just some links today. Coincidentally, I actually look EXACTLY like this when I wake up in the mornings. Except my poodle is black and has most of last night's dinner dried on her chin, and my makeup is somewhat less perfect. Otherwise, EXACTLY alike.

Paul and Joe Beauty continues to taunt my poverty with their gorgeous holiday collection.

The perfect pair of colorful flats. I want a pair in every color.

I need THIS. Immediately. I'll never have to brush my hair again, and I'll still look cool and mysterious.

Finally, someone has found me that brilliant Royal Tenenbaums wallpaper for my fantasy smoking room/library.

Who lives in those creepy, modern design homes? Unhappy hipsters do.

Watch this video to a) get great, retro curls, and b) enjoy the lovely host's adorable accent and how she says "wintage".

Because what's good as a drink is even better as a cupcake - sluttishly-easy Dark and Stormy cupcakes from the sublime Domestic Sluttery.

I consider this a charmingly knit homage to Brandon Flowers a must-have item. I'm waiting for it to go on sale.

Cheerio until next time, xoxo